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人教版新目标英语九年级Unit 13重点短语和知识点梳理

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Section A

1. We’re trying to save the earth!


2. Remember to throw rubbish in the bins and keep public places clean and beautiful for everyone.


3. This is not only cruel, but also harmful to the environment.


4. The numbers of some kinds of sharks have fallen by over 90 percent in the last 20 to 30 years.


5. We can’t afford to wait any longer to take action!


6. So far, no scientific studies have shown that shark fins are good for health.


7. To cut down air pollution, we should take the bus or subway instead of driving.


8. Everyone in this town should play a part in cleaning it up!


9. So together, our actions can make a difference and lead to a better future!



Section B

1. The top of the house is an old boat turned upside down.


2. The gate in front of her house is made of rocks and old glass bottles.


3. He is known for using iron and other materials from old cars to make beautiful art pieces.


4. Have you ever thought about how these things can actually be put to good use?


5.She lives in a house in the UK that she built herself out of rubbish.


6. Amy is an inspiration to us all.


 7. Not only can the art bring happiness to others,but it also shows that even cold, hard iron can be brought back to life with a little creativity.


8. Recycling paper is really easy.




Section A (1a-2d)

1. The air has become really polluted around here. 这儿的空气已经被污染了。

辨析:turn, get 与become

⑴ become多指身份、职位等的变化,它强调变化的过程已经完成,后面可接名词或形容词。

He becomes a teacher.  


⑵ get多用于口语,表示一种变化过程,强调的是“渐渐变得”,后常接形容词的比较级形式。

In winter the days get shorter.  


⑶ turn指在颜色和性质等方面与以前的完全不同,强调变化的结果。

Leaves turned brown in the mountains. 



【小试牛刀】用turn, get 和become填空。

① Her mother ____ angry when she heard the news.

② It’s _____ darker and darker outside.

③ The milk has _____ bad.


2. To cut down air pollution, we should take the bus or subway instead of driving. 为了减少空气污染,我们应该乘坐公共汽车或者地铁,而不是开车。

cut down 意为“减少”;是“动词+副词”结构的短语,所带的宾语为名词时,宾语可位于down的前面或后面;为代词时,只能位于down前面。

You’d better cut the article down to about 2,000 words. 




cut down 还可表示“砍倒”的意思。

They cut down the big tree. 


cut off 切断;切除

cut into 把……切成……

cut up 切碎

cut in 插嘴,打断



—Did you tell it to Jack? 

—Yes, but we were ____ in the middle of our telephone conversation. 

A. cut down  B. cut off

C. cut up       D. cut in

We must do something useful to ____ pollution. 

A. cut off      B. cut up

C. cut down  D. cut in 


3. It’s good for health and it doesn’t cost anything! 它对身体有好处并且不会花费任何东西。

辨析:spend, cost, take, pay


 take,spend,pay和cost都表示花费  但用法各有不同

1) take花费时间,It takes sb. some time to do sth.,it形式主语

It usually takes me 40 minutes to cook the dinner.



sb. spend(s) some time / money on sth.和sb. spend(s) some time / money (in) doing sth.

David spent 2,000 yuan on the new machine.

My father spends an hour (in) watching the news on TV every day


3) pay花费金钱,主语通常是人,sb. pay(s) some money for sth.

Tommy paid 20 yuan for his breakfast yesterday.


4)cost花费金钱,主语通常是物,sth. cost(s) (sb.) some money.

The new dress cost Linda 88 yuan.



1. —Do you take exercise every day?

—Yes. I always ___thirty minutes after supper.

A. spend   B. cost  

C. take      D. pay

2. I _________ $300 for the bike.

A. took      B. spent 

C. cost      D. paid

The interesting book _____ me 10 yuan. 

A. spent   B. took

C. paid     D. cost 


Section A (3a-4c)


1. The method is not only cruel, but also harmful to the environment. 这种方法不仅残酷,而且对环境也有害。

harmful 形容词,意为“有害的”。常构成短语be harmful to “对……有害的”。

Staying up often is harmful to your health. 




harm 名词,意为“害处”。常用构成短语do harm to “对……有害”,相当于be harmful to.

Too much smoking does harm to his health. 

= Too much smoking is harmful to his health. 




Reading in the sun does harm to our eyes. 

Reading in the sun ___ ___ ___ our eyes. 


2. Have you ever taken part in an environmental project? 你曾经参加过环境保护活动吗?


辨析:attend,join, join in 和take part in


◆attend 是正式用语,侧重指参加会议、婚礼、典礼,去上课、上学、听报告等。

Who will attend the meeting?



◆join 侧重指加入某个党派、团体组织等,成为其成员之一;

She joined the Young Pioneers. 



◆join in 加入一种具体活动,表示和某人一起做某事,其结构为:join sb. in (doing) sth.。

Why didn't you join in the talk last night? 


Will you join us in the discussion? 



◆take part in 侧重指参加群众性活动等,着重说明句子主语参加该项活动并在活动中发挥作用。

Did you take part in the sports meet? 



【运用】用 attend,join 或 take part in 的适当形式填空

(1)Linda liked drawing, so she ______ the art club two years ago.

(2)Paul was free, so he ______ the lecture (讲座) given by Mr. Li.

(3)Do you know how many people ______ the discussion yesterday?

(4)I'm sure you'll ______ me in thanking today's speaker.



1. —Have you _____ a club? 

—Yes, I’m in a swimming club and I often _____ the swimming training. 

A. joined; take part in

B. joined; join 

C. taken part in; join  

D. taken part in; join in 

2. —We’re going for a picnic. Would you like to____ us? 

—Why not? Let’s go! 

A. attend    B. join

C. join in    D. take part in 


3. We can’t afford to wait any longer to take action! 我们不能再等了,要采取行动了。

⑴ afford是动词,意为“买得起,担负得起”,通常与can, could, be able to连用,多用于否定句中。

They couldn’t afford $50 for a ticket. 



⑵ afford后面常跟带to的动词不定式。

We can’t afford to go abroad this summer. 




Miss Taylor never wastes money on anything too expensive, even though she can ____ to. She has donated much of the money she saved to charities. 

A. afford      B. allow

C. remind    D. pay


Section B (1a-2e)


1. And the gate in front of her house is made of rocks and old glass bottles. 她房子的前门是由岩石和旧玻璃瓶子制成的。

【辨析】be made + 介词

be made of  “某物由……制造而成”(从制成品中可以看出原材料)

be made from “某物由……制造而成”(从制成品中一般看不出或难以分辨出原材料)。

be made in “某物由某地制造”

be made by “某物由某个人或集体制造而成”,其中介词by用来强调动作的执行者。

 be made into 某种原料制成某物

be made up of 某物由……组成或构成



Books are made _____ paper and paper is made _____ wood.

A. from, of   B. of, from

C. in, from   D. from, in

—Your coat looks nice.

—It’s made ____ cotton. And it was made ____ Shanghai.

A. in; by  B. from; by 

C. by; in  D. of; in


2. Not only can the art bring happiness to others, but it also shows that even cold, hard iron can be brought back to life with a little creativity. 不仅艺术品能给人们带来快乐,而且冰冷坚硬的钢铁在艺术创作下也恢复了生命。

“not only … but also …”是一个并列连词词组,其意思基本等于“both … and …”。

使用not only … but also … 时须注意的几点:

⑴ not only与but also后面所连接的词的词性必须对等:

They completed the project not only punctually but also perfectly. 



⑵ not only只能连用,而but also既可连用,也可分开用:

Television is not only boring, but it also wastes a lot of time. 



⑶谓语动词的数应与but also后主语的数保持一致:

Not only you but also Mr. Zhang teaches in this college. 



⑷ not only放在句首,后接句子时要用倒装结构:

Not only had the poor man been fined, but also he had been sent to prison. 




1. This is my twin sister, Lucy. Not only she but also I ___ good at drawing.

A. is      B. am

C. are   D. was 


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